About Us

Why Dogs?

When a person is missing in a rural or mountain environment a dog team will be much more efficient at finding them than a search team made up of people only. If the missing person is ill, injured or vulnerable this added speed and efficiency can make the difference between life and death. Dog teams can also operate effectively in thick cloud or darkness where people struggle.

The Dogs

We train two main types of search dog.

Air Scenting Dogs

These dogs search areas looking for human scent particles.

They do not discriminate scent; i.e. they do not look for specific people but will look for anyone that is in the area.

Once they find a person they will return to their handler, indicate with a bark or by jumping up and take their handler back to the body and get a game.

Trailing Dogs

These dogs do discriminate scent.

They are given an article of the missing persons clothing and will then hunt for a trail that matches that scent. They will indicate the trail to the handler and then they will follow the trail to the missing person.

Once they find the person they will indicate the find to the handler and they get a game.

The People

Whether a handler or dogsbody, we are all volunteers who enjoy working with dogs and are committed to Search and Rescue.


Many of our handlers are members of Mountain Rescue or Coastguard Teams.


It is impossible to train a search dog if they have no one to search for!

SARDA Wales is very lucky to have a great team of people we call dogsbodies. They turn up at every training session to lie in fields, under caravans or under boulders until the dogs find them. If you think this is something you would enjoy click here.

Support Us

Your money will help us save lives.

Everyone who is involved in SARDA is an unpaid volunteer and we rely on donations from the public to provide the service that we do. If you are keen to help there are several ways that you can get involved and your help will be very much appreciated.

Click below to find out how to make a donation with us or just go straight to our JustGiving page here

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