Call Outs for 2011    
  Date Details Annual Summary
  11 Jan 2011
14 Jan 2011
15 Jan 2011
24 Jan 2011
24 Jan 2011
30 Jan 2011
3 Feb 2011
12 Feb 2011
13 Feb 2011
16 Feb 2011
22 Feb 2011
8 Mar 2011
3 Apr 2011
3 Apr 2011
6 Apr 2011
15 Apr 2011
27 Apr 2011
28 Apr 2011
9 May 2011
21 May 2011
22 May 2011
25 May 2011
25 May 2011
30 May 2011
31 May 2011
2 Jun 2011
3 Jun 2011
6 Jun 2011
15 Jun 2011
16 Jun 2011
18 Jun 2011
30 Jun 2011
6 Jul 2011
12 Jul 2011
16 Jul 2011
16 Jul 2011
Sun July 17
24 Jul 2011
25 Jul 2011
26 Jul 2011
2 Aug 2011
7 Aug 2011
16 Aug 2011
27 Aug 2011
27 Aug 2011
12 Sep 2011
20 Sep 2011
21 Sep 2011
21 Sep 2011
24 Sep 2011
4 Oct 2011
25 Oct 2011
1 Nov 2011
5 Nov 2011
12 Nov 2011
12 Nov 2011
13 Nov 2011
19 Nov 2011
23 Nov 2011
23 Nov 2011
26 Nov 2011
26 Nov 2011
29 Nov 2011
5 Dec 2011
5 Dec 2011
6 Dec 2011
23 Dec 2011
23 Dec 2011
23 Dec 2011
28 Dec 2011
27 Dec 2011
29 Dec 2011
Missing female, Sychdyn, Mold. No search
Misper - Bolton - Stood down en route
2 empty canoes on Conwy. Stood down before depolyment, persons found
Male, missing Mold area. No dogs deployed
Male missing on foot after RTC, Carmel area
Male missing from home, St Asaph, found next day at relatives in Cumbria.
Missing from home, near Wrexham, turned up at police station during deployment
Trefor - re-search area of a still open search from 12 months ago.
2 people lost on Carneddi, search with OVMRO
Missing 17yr old, Llanrug area. Later found locally.
Missing male, Great orme. Found next day.
High Risk young person missing from hospital, Abergele area. Found during call out
Elderly male missing Rhosneigr for 1 1/2 hours, found inland by Helicopter before deployment
High risk person missing from Ysbyty Gwynedd - found in hotel nearby
Missing male / 75 Stannah Counrty Park
Missing female, Dolgarrog. Found 2 days later close to point last seen.
Despondant Male - Tawd Vale Woods & Scout Camp Site
Female missing from Marford, Wrexham. Found in Chester
Two persons missing from Capel Curig, found by Police / Roland in Betws y coed en route
Missing from Home, near Buckley. Indications given moving aound Liverpool area. No call.
Missing from Pub, near Gresford. Cause for concern. No call.
Missing from home, Buckley, found by Police in early stages of call out.
Missing from work, vulnerable. Found by Police nearby
Four young people, missing near Abergele, found by Police / NEWSAR.
Missing from home, Nnanerch, high risk, found safe and well.
Missing from home, Rhiwlas, elderly male. Found by helicopter close by
Missing from home, female, Caernarfon, returned home safe and well.
Missing young person, Chwliog, found safe and well
NEWSAR search, missing from Home.Wrexham area. No Dogs deployed.
Request for trailing dogs, Gloucester Police. Missing person from place of work. Returned safe, four days later.
Missing female, Great Orme. Found in Sea a week later.
Missing female, Red Wharf Bay, found by Police helicpoter close by
Young adult Male, missing from home, Erddig, Wrexham.
Male, possible injury, Erias Park, Colwyn Bay, found in Llandudno
Vulnerable female, missing from home, Holywell. Found before deployment.
Overdue & unlocated competitors - Challenge Walk
Missing Person, Blackpool area
Vulnerable missing male from care home, near Wrexham, found safe by Police before deployment
Missing person Snowdon Ranger track, Rhyd Ddu, Found safe by LLMRT.
Bolton MRT - Wilton Quarry
Depsondant Male - Duxbury Golf Blub
Standby - Blackpool
Missing female, vulnerable, Pwllhelli, found before call out.
Missing teenager, Rhyd y Foel. Found by NEWSAR before deployment.
Missper, Ysbyty Gwynedd, trailing dog request to determine possible direction of travel.
MFH, Trefor, Llangollen.
Male - suicidal - Nelson
Missing from Ysbyty Gwynedd. Found in woodland nearby the next day.
Missing 6 year old - Bolton
Mssing person threatening self harm.
Missing 22y M from Morecambe College
MFH Erddig area, Wrexham.
MFH, Bodelwyddan area
Advice re: searching a derelict building, Harlech
MFH, Abergele.
Missing male, Cader Idris. Found next morning by Antony and Moss.
Missing vulnerable female, Nefyn area. Found safe and well
MFH, Coed Bryndansi
MFH, Llangefni, found safe and well
MFH, found
Report of parachute flares on Harrisend Fell, trough of Bowland
Suicidal male, Hambledon
Missing vulnerable male, Bontnewydd. Found safe.
Search for suicidal male, Blackpool
Search for high risk MHF F - Blackpool
Missing male from workplace, Wrexham, vulnerable. Found in Chester next morning.
Missing Child, Ponciau, Wrexham.
Assist LLMRT in search for missing walker, found safe.
Search for 71 y MFH Polish Male - Ormskirk
MFH, Holt, Wrexham - found before deployment
Search for 71 y MFH Witherslack
Missing Male, Llanbedr, found before deployment

2009: 92 callouts and 15 finds

2010: 120 callouts & 11 finds

2011: 72 callouts & 2 finds

  Call Outs for 2010    
  Date Details  
  1 Jan 2010
6 Jan 2010
13 Jan 2010
20 Jan 2010
22 Jan 2010
22 Jan 2010
30 Jan 2010
Assist LLMRT in search in Cwm Clogwyn. Abandoned due to weather and lack of information.
Female missing from Home in Towyn area. Stopped during call out.
Avalanche, Abergwyngregyn falls. Nothing found.
Missing male from Penrhyndeudraeth. Found during call out.
Missing from home Denbigh area. Found before deployment
Missing from home in Conwy area, vulnerable. Stopped during call out
Elderly male, missing from Rhyl. Found in London.
  5 Feb 2010
18 Feb 2010
19 Feb 2010
26 Feb 2010
Missing female from home, Trefor. Seven day extended search. Trailing dog (Gwen & Rolf) gave direction of travel.
Couple lost on Snowdon, found safe and well. Dog team find by Richard & Celyn.
Male missing on Snowdon. Found Clogwyn Coch safe. Dog Team find by Richard & Celyn.
Male, missing from home, vulnerable. Llandudno. Found nearby by Police.
  8 Mar 2010
12 Mar 2010
12 Mar 2010
18 Mar 2010
21 Mar 2010
26 Mar 2010
30 Mar 2010
Male missing from home, vulnerable. Cemaes Bay, Anglesey. Found alive.
Missing from home in Bethesda
Possible missing person from a road traffic incident, near Llanberis.
Male, missing from home in the Pen y Groes area. Vulnerable. Stopped before call out
Male missing from home, vulnerable. Holywell. Found safe and well by Police.
Missing from home, Caernarfon area. Vulnerable. Found during call out.
Youth lost on Moel Famau, found by MRT whilst en route.
  4 Apr 2010
5 Apr 2010
15 Apr 2010
16 Apr 2010
16 Apr 2010
Male, missing Horseshoe Pass, Llangollen, vulnerable. Returned home following Tuesday.
Male missing from home, vulnerable. Dolgellau, found by Police / dog team (Roly & Willow) close to house.
Missing person, located out of search area.
Female missing from School, Holywell Area, found by Gareth en route.
Missing child from home Near Wrexham. Found whilst en route
  4 May 2010
6 May 2010
16 May 2010
24 May 2010
Female missing from Glan Clwyd Hospital. Found at home.
Male in Sea at Porth Dafarch, Anglesey. Person found next day by Police.
3yr old missing from home Talsarnau, Found safe during callout.
Missing male from Llanfairfechan, found next day. Search suspended following more information.

1 Jun 2010
1 Jun 2010

5 Jun 2010
7 Jun 2010
8 Jun 2010
8 Jun 2010
13 Jun 2010
24 Jun 2010
26 Jun 2010
27 Jun 2010
29 Jun 2010

Missing person on Glyders. Located in a tent. Dog Team find for Sally and Spin and OVMRO member
Missing walker on the Watkin path. Found next morning safe & well. Dog Team find for Sally and Spin and LLMRT member
Two missing children near Gwyrch Castle, found safe & well - returned home.
Missing from home, Leeswood area, Mold. Turned up next day
Missing teenager from Porthaven Caravan park, Abergele. Found safe in Rhyl
Missing elderly person from Llandudno. Found in hotel whilst en route.
Missing teenager from home, Rhyl / Dyserth. Vulnerable. Found during call out
Missing elderly person from Llandudno, found during call out.
Missing - Ogwen
Male, missing from home. Rhydymwyn, Mold. Found by Police during the search.
Male, missing from home, Caernarfon. Found during initial investigations
Missing from Rhosneiger, stood down before call out
  5 Jul 2010
5 Jul 2010
11 Jul 2010
11 Jul 2010
15 Jul 2010
15 Jul 2010
16 Jul 2010
21 Jul 2010
25 Jul 2010
28 Jul 2010
31 Jul 2010
31 Jul 2010
Abandoned vehicle in Bryn y Maen. Search of adjacent area required
Missing male, Caernarfon. Found in Llanberis. Dog Team find by Helen and Cluanie with LLMRT.
Missing person from campsite in Abersoch, returned to site early next morning during search.
Missing from Ysbyty Gwynedd, found before call out
Missing person from Llanudno. Search called off due to further information
Missing from Broughton area, found during call out
Missing person, Connahs Quay, located whilst collecting more information
Missing person from Caernarfon, found locally by Police during initial enquiries
Missing walkers on Carnedd Llewellyn, found before call out
Missing from Ysbyty Altwen, Tremadog. Found in grounds later that day.
Missing from Nursing home in Rhy y Mwyn, found safe and well
Concerns for person on Deeside. Nothing found
  5 Aug 2010
6 Aug 2010
6 Aug 2010
6 Aug 2010
12 Aug 2010
16 Aug 2010
17 Aug 2010
19 Aug 2010
20 Aug 2010
24 Aug 2010
25 Aug 2010
30 Aug 2010
Missing from home, Beaumaris. Search Manager investigation, found in Chester before search mounted.
Missing 7yr old, Shell Island. Found during callout
Missing on Orme, Llandudno. Found by Police during call out.
Missing person, found safe and well in Hospital in Southport (trailing dog search)
Assist OVMRO in search on Tryfan, person found safe and well. Dog Team find for Sally and Spin and OVMRO member.
Missing from nursing home in Wrexham, found by staff during call out
Missing 12yr old, Bryn Pydew, Llandudno, found safe and well with relatives in Blackpool
Missing 8yr old, Shell Island, found safe and well during call out
Missing male, Dieniolen, search suspended next day, returned home safe and well later same day.
Assist OVMRO in search for missing DofE group above Aber. Found safe and well.
Missing male near Penrhyn castle, found on bench in Bangor and hospitalised.
Missing canoeist, separated from group Rhosneiger / Aberffraw area. Found next day by 22 Sqn in sea.
  4 Sep 2010
7 Sep 2010
10 Sep 2010
11 Sep 2010
12 Sep 2010
15 Sep 2010
17 Sep 2010
19 Sep 2010
21 Sep 2010
23 Sep 2010
28 Sep 2010
30 Sept 2010
Missing person North Powys area. Assisting NEWSAR.
Missing from home, Ruthin area. Stopped en route, person found.
Abandoned push bike in Llanaelhaern. Nothing found.
Missing person last seen in river, stopped during call out, found safe and well
Missing from home, Wrexham area, found during call out and hospitalised.
Missing from home, Blaenau Ffestiniog. Search abandonded, found Safe and well Sept 17th
Possible missing person Pwllheli area. No search mounted
Missing person, Wrexham area. No dogs deployed, found safe & well next day
Missing from home, St Asaph area, Found by NEWSAR member en route.
Missing 3 year old Wrexham area, stopped en route - false call, good intent.
Possible missing people, Talsarnau beach. No dogs deployed, false call, good intent.

Missing person Bangor on dee, stopped during call out
  4 Oct 2010
13 Oct 2010
17 Oct 2010
23 Oct 2010
26 Oct 2010
31 Oct 2010
Missing from Ysbyty Gwynedd, found at hostpital before call out
Missing from home, Colwyn Bay, found by Police in Dwlgyfylchi
Possible missing person from Holyhead, person found next day, safe.
Missing male from home, Llysfaen.
Missing from home, Coedpoeth, found before deployment
Missing from home, male, Summerhill, Gwersyllt. Found in Wrexham next day.
  10 Nov 2010
16 Nov 2010
17 Nov 2010
Missing male from Pwllhelli, found before call out
Missing Walker in Cwm Pennant area, found next morning by AMRT
2 run away's missing from care home, Dolgellau. No search.
  2 Dec 2010 Missing male, Colwyn Bay, found by police before call out  
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